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Our Activities

Choose from and mix match from these activities to create your bespoke urban retreat. Gift yourself the time to rejuvenate and uplift, celebrate a birthday, an engagement, celebrate a bachelorette or to give a gift to a friend by creating a personalized experience with your partner, friends, community or family. All activities can be booked for a weekend or day retreat or as individual treatments.



Learn to cook beautiful, healthy and tasty meal in the company of your partner, friends or tribe. Creating meals is an active meditation that helps clear our mind from our daily stresses and gives us the satisfaction to of being of service to others by providing them with nourishment. Cooking is an art, like like every artistic expression it can be cathartic and liberating. Sharing time with people you care about while sharing a common purpose is uplifting and helps you to release stress. Combine this activity with a yoga lesson, a meditation, a ritual a massage and/or choose a menu you can cook using essential oils. For a more profound experience you can choose to silently eat your meal to deeply connect with your body. This activity has a duration of about 3 hours.


Soul contact massage

This holistic treatment nurtures the body, mind and emotional systems. Through a rebalancing of these 3 basic systems you experiment states of consciousness with a higher level of awareness. This treatment includes 2 phases. A structured whole body massage followed by unstructured massage techniques that optimize the conductivity of energy channels to prepare you to the next phase, the Conscious Touch. During the Conscious Touch slow, continuous and unstructured movements are performed, allowing you to intuitively experience what emerges from within. A deep connection is established between you and the therapist supporting you to release both emotional and physical tensions. The treatment lasts about 65 minutes and it is performed with hot oil.


kundalini yoga

Kundalini Yoga is powerful transformational tool that helps you release nervous energies from the body to awaken your spirit, increase consciousness, and discover your true potential. Based on ancient healing techniques from India, Kundalini, or the yoga of awareness, combines dynamic movements, conscious breathing, meditation, and the chanting of mantras to bring balance to the body, mind, and soul. Negative thoughts, memories, and traumas are stored in our bodies and create energetic blockages in our chakras, preventing Prana from moving through them. Practicing Kundalini yoga, you can clear blockages in order to heighten your intuition, purify your aura, invigorate your mind and spirit, and strengthen and detoxify your body. This activity can last from 60- 90 minutes.


meditation and Rituals

Rituals are part of our ancestral wisdom and help us to connect to our higher self. As humans we have use rituals in spiritual practices and rights of passage to help prepare of physical body or our spirit to process knowledge and connect to ourselves. With our stressful and fast-paced urban lives we often feel disconnected from our bodies and our spirit. Performing rituals are a way to reconnect to our inner nature, to honor a loved one, to practice self care. Important techniques that need to be cultivated to improve our well being. Meditating is also imperative to keep a healthy connection to our body and to calm our overstimulated minds. Meditation is an ancient technology that helps us to quite our mind and connect to our intuitive selves and our inner truth.This activity can last from 60- 90 min.


Aroma touch

This beautiful technique helps to release stress, detoxify and strengthen your immune system as well as to liberate emotions. All factors that create dis-ease in our bodies and minds. During this treatment eight doTERRA essential oils are applied along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet in order to create over all balance and homeostasis in the body. Aromatouch helps stimulate and balance the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems of the body given that pure essential oils penetrate all three layers of the skin, reaching our capillaries within 20 seconds. Therefore, affecting the cells of our bodies almost immediately. This treatment last about 60 min and will leave you relaxed, balanced and rejuvenated.