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Our Services


Our Services

We are delighted to bring our beautiful flavors to your table wether it is through a private dinner, A bespoke Retr(eat) or a Soul Food Pick Up. Gift yourself or a loved one this experience to celebrate a birthday, a special occasion or for the simple joy of sharing time together with your friends, partner or tribe. Gift a special someone one of these personalized experiences and bring a little piece of joy and yummines into their lives. All experiences can be booked for a weekend get away or retr(eat) or as individually as you please in the city and wherever your soul desires.


private dinners and Brunch

At Reconnect we believe that beauty matters as it is a catalyst for inspiration, which in turn, instantly makes you feel expansive. Feelings of expansion directly affect the behavior of our cells down to our own DNA. With Soul Food culinary experiences we bring beauty to your table. You are immersed into a world of flavors, scents, colors and design that transport you into a state of well-being. Whether in your city or country home we create an experience which inspires your palate and your soul. For any celebration, birthday, baby shower, bachelorette, anniversary or for the simple pleasure of sharing a meal with your partner, friends and tribe we are delighted delight your self with Soul Food and experience the magic.


Soul food pick-up

Taking care of ourselves is essential to our overall well being and eating healthy and tasty food is critical in sustaining our body’s health. In the fast-paced societies in which we live we often find enough time to feed our body’s wholesome food. We are often too busy to prepare ourselves healthy meals. Soul Food Pick- Up is a perfect solution to sustain nutritious eating habits in the confort of your home. We create weekly healthy menus from which you can order and have them delivered to your home. Order your meals in a day you are too busy or too tired to cook and we will send them to you for your enjoyment. We can adjust the menus to your dietary needs and preferences. Its as simple as clicking a button and having these deliciously and lovingly prepared meals waiting for you to enjoy.


cooking Retr(eat)s

Enjoy the beauty of creating nutritious and delicious nourishment for your body. Learn to connect with ingredients and flavors that can support your well being and your healing journey. At reconnect cooking retreats you participate in cooking experiences that connect you with your hands and the pleasure of sharing a gift with those around you. You will prepare and serve meals to yourself, your co-creators and practice the joy of conscious eating in a silent meal. Gift this experience to a friend, celebrate a birthday in this special way or simply choose to spend a weekend with friends and loved ones while having fun creating conscious nourishment and learning how to cook! We organize bespoke cooking retreats that meet your needs and those with whom you choose to share or celebrate. These can be personalized in your own special way.