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Our Story


Our philosophy

Reconnect is natural-healing immersive experience where you create time and space to connect with yourself, your body and nature in order to heal from within and create positive transformation in your life in beautiful natural environments.

Reconnect with us and enjoy the magic!


reconnect with nature

We believe that Nature is a master healer. Being in nature helps regulate our autonomic nervous system and keep our circadian rhythms synchronized. Both which control body temperature, hormone secretion, digestion and blood pressure. All primordial functions that when out of balance cause dis-ease. Furthermore, it inspires us to slow down and shed our frenetic urban rhythms and creates a shield from modern society’s stimuli and technology. Natural surroundings, not only support the healthy functioning of our body’s involuntary functions but also calms and grounds our minds. Only with a quiet mind, can we create space to look inward and heal. At Reconnect we immerse you into nature in order support your healing journey.


Reconnect to a like-Minded community

We place trust in the healing powers of Community. A ‘common-unit’ is essential to our well being. It saves us from alienation and provides a safe space to face our fears. Our community of international and certified practitioners and Kundalini Yoga instructors guide you through a series of workshops and one-on-one sessions based on diverse and profound healing techniques. These include: Kundalini Yoga, Barbara Brennan School of Healing practices, Reiki, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Nutritional Coaching, Cleanse Master and Ancestral Rituals. These experiences co-created with a multi-cultural group of participants provide you with tools and support to clear limiting beliefs and traumas that hold you back from living an expansive and abundant life.


Reconnect with conscious nourishment

‘We are what we eat.’ Our brain is primordially connected to our gut. Through a two-way information super highway of neurons, hormones and chemical neurotransmitters our brain is “aware” of our gut microbes and these bacteria in turn send messages to our brain which influence our perception of the world and alter our behavior. For example, gut microbiota directly influence neurotransmitters, such a serotonin, which regulate feelings of happiness. A healthy sustenance directly influences our body, mind and emotions. At Reconnect we believe in the healing power of food. We provide you with locally grown, plant-based meals and conscious eating practices to help your body rejuvenate. Which in turn supports your mental and emotional healing journey.


reconnect with yourself

it is challenging to find time be introspective and with ourselves in our everyday stress-ridden lives. As professionals, parents, friends, siblings, members of our community, we are constantly pulled and stretched in many directions. We often give more than we receive and find ourselves drained from our vital force. Only by taking time to tend to our personal needs and practicing self-care can we replenish our vis vitae. At Reconnect we allow you to enjoy free time to practice self-nurturing activities such as meditating, sleeping, exercising, walking in nature and journaling. Our team of therapists also offers one-on-one healing sessions that you can schedule during this time. True healing can only happen from with in. We must connect with ourselves and focus our attention inside.