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Ganesha will expertly guide you into embodying your essence, wisdom and creativity in new and powerful ways. He effortlessly draws from more than 12 years of experience in Hatha, Raja, Kundalini and Tantric yogas, a multitude of healing modalities and many years of intensively practicing contact improvisation and other “free” movement disciplines such as Ecstatic Dance and The 5Rhythms.He is trained as a Healing Science and Energy Healing Practitioner at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a 4 year program focusing on psych-spiritual development.His intention and aspiration is to help each person re-connect to primal awareness, their self-sensory system and their physical bodies through somatic and meditative research and exploration.

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Instagram: @joannestonedesign


Joanne is an intuitive crystal worker, who creates art installations, jewelry, home designs and lighting with crystals. She is a certified teacher of Kundalini yoga, has received the Earth keeper's Rites of the Munay-Ki and studied with the Mystic Q’ero of Peru. Her teachings stem from the belief that nature is our wisest teacher. Her intention is to create objects and workshops to elevate the body and spaces. She is passionate about bridging ancient wisdom with modern living and guiding individuals to experience personal connection, growth and building a sense of community.

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Michelle Stone

Instagram: @itsmichellestone


Michelle is a movement and a Brennan Healing Science practitioner who combines dynamic exercises and hands on energy work in her private practice and group movement classes. Through an array of modalities, Michelle’s work cultivates the feeling of safety, joy and connection in life. Her work is heart-centered and grounding. Through her classes, Michelle guides parents to meaningful and trusting relationships with their children, women to deepen their connection with the feminine and their body and couples to explore new ways to reconnect. It is with great passion that she shares this work as a healing journey into our bodies. Michelle has studied dance and movement for over 17 years focusing on contemporary dance and release forms of expression. She is a graduate of Barbara Brennan”s School of Healing Science 4 year degree program, dedicated to the evolution of the human spirit and She is a student of kundalini yoga and incorporates breath work and mantras into her practice. Michelle was born in Lima, Peru and lives in Miami with her husband and two sons.


Silvia Lyle

Instagram: @silvialyle


Silvia is a certified Doula, a Kundalini & Khalsa Way Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher. She is also a Holistic Health Coach, a Ceremony lover and the mother of two beautiful boys. Through her workshops, classes, ceremonies, women circles and her work as a Doula, Silvia has supported hundreds of women to connect with their inner selves elevating their relationship with their feminine divine being. She is especially passionate about empowering women to reclaim their Womb Wisdom, embody the rhythm of their Lunar Cycles, re-establishing connection with Mother Earth, and rise together in sisterhood to reawaken the collective Feminine Power for lasting transformation within. Her life’s calling is supporting women navigate in the rites of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood by strengthening their matrilineal lineage, creating a supportive community and living a life of meaning and purpose. She has studied with traditional midwives in Mexico and learned from a lineage of grandmothers who walk a path of ceremony, love, trust and connection to Mother earth and the natural rhythm of life.


Elizabeth Augustine

Instagram: @elizabethwonderful


Elizabeth holds a M.S. in Health Psychology and Human Services, is a Reiki and Yoga Master and an aromatherapy expert. She uses essential oils as a healing vehicle during her aromatouch and yoga practices. She is an owner of Maiden Health & Wellness Design in Maui, where she teaches yoga classes and Healthy Living Trainings. She understands the need for mind, body, spirit connection. With her 22 years of experience as a yoga instructor she teaches  in a playful, gentle and energizing style  to give hers students a practical way to practice these principles on a daily basis. She has a 16 year old son and loves being a mom and working within her community.  she offers presentations, trainings and classes to assist the expansion of human awareness and perception.